[darcs-users] another confusion re: command names

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Sat May 8 11:49:49 UTC 2004

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 11:24:39AM -0400, zooko at zooko.com wrote:
> I'm sure David is grateful that I'm so dense, because this will help him
> find parts of the user experience which are troublesome to dense people
> before he releases 1.0 and comes into contact with a great many more
> dense people.
> Today's confusion was that it took several hours and much discussion
> before I finally got it through my head that "unpull" could be the
> command to remove a patch from my local repo.  Since in my mind "pull"
> means "fetch patches from other repo and apply them to local repo", I
> couldn't believe that "unpull" didn't somehow involve exchanging
> information from some other repo.

I've added a blurb to the docs on the naming of unpull (and the fact that
it doesn't actually require the patch to have been pulled) to the docs.
Let me know if it's not entirely clear (or if it's poorly worded--I wrote
it pretty quickly).

> By the way, I had previously been doing "unpull" by "unrecord; revert".

This is what I hope that new users will do.  When you unrecord and then
revert, you're much less likely to accidentally delete a change you made
and not be able to get it back (especially since unrevert exists).

The intention of this "interesting" naming convention is that people who
don't understand exactly how unpull and unrecord differ (which is everyone
at first) will not end up accidentally using unpull when they want
unrecord, and losing their precious data.  Then when they have that "aha"
moment when they see that unpull is like an unrecord that also reverts the
working directory (and also understand what this means), they can start
using unpull instead of "unrecord; revert".

Of course, the documentation should make this "aha" moment come as soon as
possible, which I don't think it was really doing.  The --help text doesn't
have that goal (currently)--it is mostly designed to prevent people from
using unpull if they don't understand it.
David Roundy

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