[darcs-users] Segfault while "darcs apply"ing

Myers Carpenter mcarpenter at shellbook.com
Sun May 9 21:10:05 UTC 2004

(cc me on replys as I'm not on the list)


I'm setting a darcs send-by-email repos.  I was having a lot of 
problems, but I've gotten it to work. Do you know how much fun it is 
debugging stuff that is run thru a mail daemon? :)

Problem #1: there was some problem verifiying a pgp signature and the 
email bounced to the requested address, but there was no explination 
about why that was done.  The only way I figured it out was that I had 
darcs running inside of "strace" and I could see that it wrote out a 
message to stdout (which wasn't connected to anything) about the pgp 

Problem #2: Then i found that it was segfaulting every time I sent a 
message.  Attached is a strace of what happened.  Talking with baka and 
  arete on irc they came up with the theory that the patch compression 
stuff maybe buggy.  If you look at the strace.out file you'll see that 
it does segfault right where it starts to write out the patch

Adding "--dont-compress" to the darcs apply call stopped it segfaulting.


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