[darcs-users] server bug report: darcs failed ... error code 22

Issac Trotts ijtrotts at ucdavis.edu
Sun May 9 22:10:56 UTC 2004

On my laptop, I couldn't download the repo:

ijtrotts at ygdrasil:/tmp$ darcs -v
ijtrotts at ygdrasil:/tmp$ darcs get http://mallorn.ucdavis.edu/repos/conexus
darcs failed:  Failed to download URL
error code: 22

Here's what happened on the other box:

ijtrotts at mallorn:/tmp$ darcs -v
ijtrotts at mallorn:/tmp$ darcs get http://localhost/repos/conexus
darcs failed:  failed to fetch:
ExitFailure 1
ijtrotts at mallorn:/tmp$ darcs get ~/conexus
Finished getting.
jtrotts at mallorn:/tmp$ cd ~/conexus
jtrotts at mallorn:~/conexus$ darcs repair
The repo is already consistent, no changes made.

The problem caused by wrong permissions on the patch...

ijtrotts at mallorn:/var/www/repos/conexus$ ls -l
-rw-------    1 ijtrotts ijtrotts      210 May  7 18:40

All the other patches had -rw-r--r-- .  The problem was resolved this

ijtrotts at mallorn:/var/www/repos/conexus$ chmod +r _darcs/patches/* 

I guess there should be a more informative error message, and it would
probably be good to have darcs repair detect and correct patches with
permissions that will cause the CGI interface to fail.

Issac Trotts
(w) 530-757-8789

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