[darcs-users] bug report

Adam Megacz adam at megacz.com
Mon May 10 03:47:24 UTC 2004

$ cd /tmp
$ darcs get http://www.megacz.com/tmp/dest
Finished getting.
$ cd dest
$ darcs pull -a http://www.megacz.com/tmp/src
So far so good... finished merging.
Error applying patch to recorded!
The patch was:
[org.xwt.mips -> org.ibex.nestedvm
brian at brianweb.net**20040416235406] {
adddir ./src/org/ibex
adddir ./src/org/ibex/nestedvm
move ./src/org/xwt/mips/ClassFileCompiler.java ./src/org/ibex/nestedvm/ClassFileCompiler.java

  - a

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