[darcs-users] another confusion re: command names

BARBOUR Timothy Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au
Wed May 12 00:13:13 UTC 2004

I like the symmetry of pull/unpull (AFAIK they are symmetric). I do not find
it confusing, since I consider its purpose to be the undoing of a pull. Thus
I would not be tempted to use it otherwise, but I suppose it is possible
that I might accidentally unpull a patch that had not been pulled from
another repository, and thereby lose work. Of course, even if darcs knew
which patches had been pulled, it would have no way of knowing whether the
patch still existed in another repository. Perhaps the answer to these
concerns is to make regular backups and replicate repositories.


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> On Tue, 11 May 2004, David Roundy wrote:
> > On the other hand, unpull seems to be a uniformly disliked 
> command name, so
> > perhaps removing it and implementing that functionality 
> with "unrecord
> > --and-revert" would be best.  I'll think on this.
> I don't dislike it, and I like having a short name for that 
> functionality,
> which I use a lot.
> Ganesh
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