[darcs-users] "removeFile" bug on w32

Will will at glozer.net
Wed May 12 01:34:28 UTC 2004

Hi all,

Peter Strand <peter at zarquon.se> writes:
> Will wrote:
>> zooko at zooko.com writes:
>>> I get the "removeFile: permission denied (Permission denied)" with
>>> the binaries pointed to by:
>>> http://www.abridgegame.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2004-March/001391.html
>> ....
>> My suspicion is that this is a conflict with either a version of GHC or the
>> various support libraries.  Peter, could you give us the details of your
>> build environment?
> Sure, but I don't have the details handy until tomorrow. But basically
> it's just ghc 6.0.1, pthreads and libcurl.
> Are you using ghc-6.2.1? Different behaviour between ghc versions (or
> in darcs' workarounds for them) is what I'm suspecting at the moment.
> I'll see if I can reproduce the bug myself, and then poke around a bit.

This was discussed off-list and it turns out that Peter is using the
--disable-mmap flag when running configure.  He found some file
descriptor leaking problems in the win32 mmap wrapper, and is
working on a fix.

I confirmed that using --disable-mmap creates a working darcs build
using the latest ghc-6.2.1.  I've updated the building instructions to
reflect this change, and uploaded a snapshot binary:



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