[darcs-users] Command renamings and hide/show

Ketil Malde ketil at ii.uib.no
Fri May 14 06:31:53 UTC 2004

"Tanksley, William D. Jr." <WILLIAM.D.TANKSLEY.JR at saic.com> writes:

> I agree that "add" and "remove" are nicely symmetric; the problem is that
> "remove" and "rm" are more than symmetric. 

I must admit I don't really see the problem here.  It's not as if I
confuse two commands when one has 'darcs' in front of it, and the
other doesn't.  Perhaps I misunderstand the problem?

> By the way, while we're talking about command names, does anyone aside from
> myself sometimes have a mental hiccup where you can't remember what the
> command is to check things in?

I've always thought "record" was a bit odd name, but it isn't a
problem to remember it for me.

>> On that note, is there a feature of darcs like CVS where you 
>> say "cvs remove" and anything in the repo that is gone from 
>> the directory shows up?  This would be like --look-for-adds in reverse.

How about 

        darcs whats --sum | grep '^R'

> I'd like this too. By the way, if by some chance I were to find that I *had*
> deleted a couple of files from the workspace accidentally (not that I'd ever
> do anything that silly, ha ha ha), is there a command to tell darcs to
> recreate just that file?

How about

        darcs revert  (and answer yes a couple of times)

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