[darcs-users] Command renamings and hide/show

Aggelos Economopoulos aoiko at cc.ece.ntua.gr
Fri May 14 11:05:16 UTC 2004

On Friday 14 May 2004 13:38, David Roundy wrote:
> On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 11:25:42PM -0700, Kevin Smith wrote:
> I'll take a survey of my office-mates, all of whom recently learned to use
> darcs... I know one of them already has --summary as his default.  If a
> majority of them prefer --summary I'll change it.  Not that I don't trust
> you folks, but people who are happy with the current situation don't always
> speak up...

Well I at least was going to, but after seeing so many people requesting that 
--summary be the default I gave up hope. As long as there is a flag to 
request the old behaviour, I can live with this change. But I'm becoming 
increasingly worried by the endless stream of wishes to make darcs more 
cvs-like, sometimes with 'cvs behaves that way' being the only real 
supporting argument.

Guys, cvs is _crap_. It's the DOS of version control systems. Its interface 
stinks. I have to put up with it every day, I don't want to use anything like 
it for my personal projects.

But I just don't have the time to 'speak up' against all this and, in any 
case, it seems like a big waste of time. It's not as if David doesn't have 
enough stuff to deal with without having to argue on 'add vs whatever'.


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