[darcs-users] cvs migration and legacy

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Fri May 14 21:20:56 UTC 2004

is a new thread for one of the issues I raised in the renaming commands 

1) migration from CVS to darcs.  how to do this?  branches?

2) dealing with legacy CVS archives (i.e. sourceforge).  What's the best 
way to keep both of them in sync.  Manual process?  Automatic process?

I would have migrated to something other than CVS months ago except for 
the overhead of conversion (new system metaphor, Legacy archive).  I 
would still like to migrate but only if there's some way to cope with 
folks who will only deal with CVS (other than a swift kick in their butt)

I very much aware of the importance of conversion.  One of my efforts in 
the anti-spam arena has been dealing with building a sender-pays 
anti-spam system (www.camram.org).  In its purest form, sender-pays 
requires a big bang shift to everybody using stamps which means it's a 
nonstarter.  However, I've been able to build a system which 
accommodates the world today and still provides benefits to those using 
stamps.  I will tell you, all of the backwards compatibility work is at 
least 150 percent of the strict sender-pays component.  But overall it's 
worth it because it makes it easy for people to migrate.

so I think what ever system provides good interoperability with CVS will 
have a good chance at acceptance.


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