[darcs-users] cvs migration and legacy

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Sat May 15 14:14:40 UTC 2004

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 05:20:56PM -0400, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> is a new thread for one of the issues I raised in the renaming commands 
> thread
> 1) migration from CVS to darcs.  how to do this?  branches?

There is the cvs2darcs script, available via

darcs get http://urchin.earth.li/darcs/cvs2darcs

It's pretty simplistic.  I believe there's crude support for branches, but
I've always just converted HEAD.  It's also pretty slow... but hopefully
you only want to do the conversion once.

> 2) dealing with legacy CVS archives (i.e. sourceforge).  What's the best 
> way to keep both of them in sync.  Manual process?  Automatic process?
> I would have migrated to something other than CVS months ago except for 
> the overhead of conversion (new system metaphor, Legacy archive).  I 
> would still like to migrate but only if there's some way to cope with 
> folks who will only deal with CVS (other than a swift kick in their butt)

This isn't so easy--that is, getting data from darcs back into cvs--and I'm
sure it's worth the effort.  For non-developers, you could just make
occassional tarballs available, and if you have developers who won't switch
from CVS... well, that'd be a problem, since then you'd need a
bidirectional gateway.
David Roundy

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