[darcs-users] Re: cvs migration and legacy

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Sun May 16 02:39:20 UTC 2004

David Brown wrote:

> I'm not exactly a developer on vim, though.  Bram (the author) sends out
> patches periodically.  I have a script that applies them to a
> repository, and checks them in (--pipe is helpful).  I then go to
> another directory which is both a darcs repo and a checked-out cvs tree.
> After doing the pull, it then is checked into cvs and labelled.

David, I must apologize for being blond on this point.  it sounds like 
you have two darcs repositories, one comingled with cvs.  you apply 
patches to the darcs only repository then after checking things out, 
pull the patches into darcs/cvs and then you push (check-in) the changes 
into cvs.


I really need to find the time and read up on darcs...may be I can get 
the manual printed out before bedtime and have it for its snewsworthy 
reading. ;-)


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