[darcs-users] Command renamings and hide/show

Marnix Klooster mklooster at baan.nl
Mon May 17 07:34:43 UTC 2004

David Roundy [mailto:droundy at abridgegame.org] wrote on Saturday, 15 May,
2004 13:43:
> On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 09:29:08AM -0400, Andrew Pimlott wrote:
> > On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 07:17:18AM -0400, David Roundy wrote:


> > > , which adds all sorts of complexity for very dubious gains.  With
> > > certain work patterns it would be nice, but in others it would lead to
> > > very confusing behavior.
> > What I think you're getting at is that you can do this with a branch,
> > I think that answer is too easy!  As I've suggested before, I think that
> > linear operations like hide/unhide a patch should be possible within a
> > single repository.
> Yes, that's what I'm getting at.  I don't really see either the benefit of
> doing this within a single repository or the downside of doing it using a
> separate branch.

Well, the downsides are ease-of-use and scalability.  At least the way
I work, I sometimes just one to get one patch (sometimes recorded,
sometimes unrecorded) out of the way.  I want to do a 'what if':
remove one patch, compile, test.  If I have to create a separate
repository for this then I have to perform a few more steps (not many,
and they are intuitive, but still), and worse, if it is a large repo
then this can take a lot of time. And (if I'm not using C with ccache)
in that new repo I have to do a completely fresh recompile, which takes
even more time.

Or is there some other easy way of getting a patch out of the way,

Marnix Klooster 
mklooster at baan.nl

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