[darcs-users] Wiki status

Art Griesser a_griesser at acm.org
Tue May 18 03:08:07 UTC 2004

Darcs users,

You are probably thinking by now that I should abandon the term "Wiki",
and look into the Hawaiian words for "slothful" or "snail-like". The
problems began with a kernel rebuild that refused to run the firewall,
but the impediment lately has been the intrusion detection system. Yes, I
know, Wikis are open enough that there shouldn't be much temptation to
break into a Wiki farm. Perhaps I'm just paranoid or deluded, but I
regard the Wiki as a very tiny beginning, which I would like to be built
on a reasonably secure infrastructure. Anyway, after spending the better
part of two weekends messing with Aide, Osiris, and Samhain, I gave up
and wrote my own intrusion detection system in half a day and 300 lines
of code.

Looking into MoinMoin and zwiki, I found them both very good... but I
ended up choosing Instiki, primarily because I am more comfortable with
Ruby than Python. A basic installation is up and running, but a few
configuration issues remain: then I need to port the existing content. I
also want to run Nessus against the rebuilt server. None of this is
really hard, but it is looking like another weekend. Again. I realize
some of you eager beavers are probably getting exasperated. I won't be
upset if you give up and create an alternative. I do feel like I'm making
progress though. 


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