[darcs-users] Anti-files that annihilate with files when they're created

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Tue May 18 20:13:11 UTC 2004

and other anti-patches. I've seen the idea mentioned more than once,
in the docs and in the email archives, of anti-files and other
anti-patches that allow otherwise dependent patches to commute.
Patch A creates a file "foo", patch B deletes file "foo", to make
apply B then apply A work, applying B needs to leave an anti-file
"foo" to annihilate with foo if and when A comes along later to
create the file.

It just hit me that this sounds like a collection of pending
patches. When applying B before A, not that "delete foo" doesn't
apply yet, and put it in pending. When applying A later, note the
pending patch and have "create A" succeed without doing anything.

Would this (and its obvious generalization to other sorts of
patches) be a useful concept in darcs?

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