[darcs-users] Re: playing nice with others

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu May 20 13:54:51 UTC 2004

David Roundy wrote:

> On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 12:31:23AM -0400, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> It really depends on your development pattern.  Getting patches via email
> is quite nice if you want to review every change anyways--that's what I do
> with darcs.  It's easy for people to send patches if they have a working
> mailer on their machine, and easy to apply patches straight from mutt (or
> presumably any other mailer that is configurable).
> Another possibility is having people set up an http-accessible repo and you
> pull from them--a bit of a pain.
> Finally, you can use the gpg-signed patches-sent-by-email approach if you
> want other developers to have write access directly to the main
> repository.  This isn't so hard to set up if you're comfortable with
> procmail.  You could also set it up using a .forward file, but that seems
> to be MTA-dependent--what works on exim doesn't work with postfix.

interesting problem.  It's difficult because of the criteria I've laid 
down of wanting to give developers access to the repository but not give 
them access to the repository machine.

my personal development style is to let folks operate independently and 
then, as I gain trust with them let them have greater and greater access 
to the repository.  For example, one of my partners in crime on camram 
is now modifying templates for the HTML display of spamtrap contents. 
Since he is extremely reluctant to use CVS (but is very interested in 
darcs), he is just modifying files in the working copy and I will do the 
diff and merge dance to bring everything into CVS.

my preference would have been for him to work in his own repository 
(pulled from mine) then have him push it back and I get a notify message 
saying that something has changed.  then I could make the call as to 
whether to simply merge or examine first.

While this person is someone I trust enough to give full access to my 
development server, there are other people I do not trust as much and 
would require a bit more control over their write access.  I like your 
review patches process in this circumstance.  But again, I want folks to 
push hence my interest in WebDAV.

delivery by e-mail is interesting but has a very high overhead for set 
up.  It's probably not so bad if you know how to work with darcs but if 
you are learning darcs at the same time, it's a bit heavy-duty.  It's 
also something that only works if you have your own mailserver and can 
control e-mail paths.  If you are like most users and stuck on a consume 
only Internet connection, intercepting the e-mail stream via pop 3 is 
rather difficult.  I am currently working out a solution for my own use 
and if you wish to leverage my work, you are more than welcome to it. 
I'll either have a python or C proxy.  Given that your world is haskell, 
I will try to do a C based solution.

--- eric

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