[darcs-users] Re: playing nice with others

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu May 20 15:35:19 UTC 2004

Kevin Smith wrote:
> Eric S. Johansson wrote:
>> my preference would have been for him to work in his own repository 
>> (pulled from mine) then have him push it back and I get a notify 
>> message saying that something has changed.  then I could make the call 
>> as to whether to simply merge or examine first.
> Another possible approach is for this other contributor to host his own 
> darcs repo somewhere, available on the public internet. You could then 
> "pull" patches from there into your own repo.
> The notification could be manual--he sends you an email when he updates 
> his repo. Or he could *also* email you the changes via darcs. Or you 
> could set up some polling task to look for new stuff. It depends on how 
> automatic, quick, and certain the notifications need to be.
> The nice thing about this is that other people would have access to his 
> work (in the form of a complete darcs repo) without requiring you to be 
> a gatekeeper.

interesting model.  Let me see if I understand.  Every contributor would 
have their own HTTP readable repository.  They would synchronize via 
ftp/scp to their own repository.  Getting updates would be triggered by 
getting a PC e-mail saying "hey Eric, wake-up" and then I would manually 
pull from their repository.

That might work reasonably well.  It's simple and Web storage space is 
free for the taking from most ISPs.  It also would be more efficient for 
group distribution of patches than e-mail.  I can just imagine a mailing 
list which distributes the notification of update messages and users 
automatically trigger retrieval from the Web storage based on those 

I also assume it would be okay if Fred updates his repository, Eric 
takes Fred's updates, updates with some of his own changes and pushes to 
Eric's repository then if Fred updated from Eric, the two of them would 
be in sync and they would be effectively identical copies for any third 
party to read from.  Right?

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