[darcs-users] need to jump in with both feet

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu May 20 15:39:21 UTC 2004

sourceforge CVS is screwed up once again.  This is what's pushing me 
into the world of darcs today.

I will send updates describing what I do and what my experience is so 
that hopefully, he can improve documentation and the experience for 
others that follow me.

Step 1, Haskell.  most of the RPMs are built for Red Hat 9 and I'm 
running on fedora 1 for the time being.  So I download the source RPM 
and will try a straight binary RPM creation first.  big mistake way. 
too many dependencies at this time.  Verify that I am running glibc2.3. 
  Now going to the binary RPM (thank God for DSL) although I am coming 
to appreciate gentoo more and more.

step 2 darcs itself.  I was going to try the RPM route but I am not sure 
about how much or what pieces I need.  what the heck, just grab all of 
them.  If that fails, back to the tarball (ghod I miss gentoo)

hmm no joy

         libcom_err.so.3 is needed by darcs-0.9.18-1
         libcom_err.so.3 is needed by darcs-server-0.9.18-1

where do those dependencies come from??

falling back on the tarball, it builds nicely and I'm now fetching the 
latest copy.

in the meantime sourceforge CVS seems to have unscrewed itself for the 
time being so I must press forward there as well.  More later as I 
acquire some scar tissue.


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