[darcs-users] Re: need to jump in with both feet

Eric Merritt cyberlync at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 17:00:23 UTC 2004

--- Bennett Todd <bet at rahul.net> wrote:
> 2004-05-21T15:43:07 Eric Merritt:
> > "Samuel A. Falvo II" <sam.falvo at falvotech.com>:
> > > I refuse to use SourceForge ever again. 
> > 
> >  What alternative is there?
> How about Savannah?
> 	<URL:http://savannah.gnu.org/>
> 	<URL:http://savannah.nongnu.org/>

 Its been broken for the better part of this year
(since the break in) and hasn't accepted new projects
for at least that long. There are plans in place to
change over to a new back end and start accepting
projects again, but there is no timeline for the switch.

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