[darcs-users] Possibly a very simplistic solution

Kenneth Knowles kknowles at berkeley.edu
Fri May 21 20:14:26 UTC 2004

On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 06:17:53AM -0400, David Roundy wrote:
> Running whatsnew on large binary files is very slow, because darcs needs to
> convert the file contents to hex before displaying (and this conversion
> isn't very optimized, since normally binary files are in the minority, so
> memory considerations win over speed).  Running `darcs whatsnew
> --look-for-adds --summary' should be faster--although on such a huge repo
> it still may be pretty slow, depending on the number of files.

Sorry for the omission, I was running "darcs wh --look --s" in fact.  It
definitely sounds like its innate to the problem (my company really needs
separate repos for the images, config files, and sources...)

Now that its initialized its working great on the source tree itself.  I'm stuck
with syncing to VSS because most of the rest of the company requires a visual
studio plugin for any source control... Not even CVS has a good one; the API
requires an NDA if I recall.


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