[darcs-users] Darcs 0.9.20 bug

Eric Faccer efaccer at dstc.edu.au
Sat May 22 07:36:00 UTC 2004

Some of the push/pull semantics seem a bit confusing. I don't know if it's a 
bug because David mention's in the docs that 'get doesn't work over ssh. 

In: 0.9.20
$ darcs get --verbose root at localhost:/var/www/html/repos/proj

seems to be broken, yet it works fine with 0.9.18. In 0.9.20 it only transfers 
the _darcs/ dir.

Now if I do a:
$ darcs pull /var/www/html/repos/proj
or a:
$ darcs pull root at localhost:/var/www/html/repos/proj

both give me:
No remote changes to pull in!

The ssh one does the pw check first...

In: 0.9.18
$ darcs get --verbose --partial root at localhost:/home/build/tools-1.0-old/
$ cd /tmp/tools-1.0-old
$ vim README (make some changes)
$ darcs whatsnew
$ darcs record
$ darcs push root at localhost:/home/build/tools-1.0-old/
root at localhost's password:
Pushing toroot at localhost:/home/build/tools-1.0-old/...
root at localhost's password:

Sat May 22 16:53:33 EST 2004  efaccer at spam.guard.dstc.edu.au
  * Gooney
Shall I push this patch? [ynWvxqdjk?] y

Sat May 22 16:55:03 EST 2004  efaccer at spam.guard.dstc.edu.au
  * Gooney2
Shall I push this patch? [ynWvxqdjk?] y
root at localhost's password:

darcs failed:  Error running external program 'ssh'

(I ran this twice to make sure I didn't type in the passwords wrong).

Another thought,
I read earlier about the XML-RPC binding idea. My feeling is that this could 
be very useful for people writing tools that use darcs, the right level would 
seem to be an API consistent with the darcs commands (eg. diff(...), 
record()). This and a std way of capturing output is something I wish for all 
command line utilities. The weakness of scripting is parsing the output. It 
could be a killer feature. If arch had this I would probably be using arch.


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