[darcs-users] Emacs / Vim / etc

David Brown darcs at davidb.org
Mon May 24 05:30:03 UTC 2004

On Sun, May 23, 2004 at 09:46:24PM -0700, Kenneth Knowles wrote:

> I have a question for darcs developers, since you are the only Haskell
> users I have contact with (and darcs is the only Haskell code I
> edit)... what do you use for an editor?  The emacs haskell-mode seems
> to have really weird indenting rules, and I want to be very compatible
> with existing developers if I hack on it more.

I use vim, with the haskell mode that is on the vim.org website.

Indentation in Haskell is weird, anyway.  But, once you get used to it,
it is actually quite handy, since it can eliminate many braces, and
semicolons.  My main suggestion would be:

           blort = do
             put code here
             and here

rather than

        where blord = do put code here
                         and here

otherwise stuff ends up way off to the right.

The key is that whatever indentation the first non-white thing after do,
where, etc. is the indentation that block must be at.


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