[darcs-users] Small feature request.

David Brown darcs at davidb.org
Mon May 24 15:43:17 UTC 2004

Just a small request...

I currently have a project that actually consists of 3 separate
repositories.  There are two subdirectories from the top, each contains
a repository for a working set of code.  The top directory contains a
large test framework that combines these bodies of code and performs
extensive testing.  The reason they are separate is that most users of
the code run it in an embedded environment, built with a different
application than the test framework.

I currently just use boringfiles to prevent darcs from descending into
these subprojects.  My suggestion is either.

  - Extend boring somehow so that a directory that has a _darcs
    subdirectory could be ignored.

  - Put special code in slurp that would ignore darcs repos within darcs

Is there even a reason one would want two different darcs repos seeing
the same file at different directory levels?  Seems like no end of
confusion for me :-)


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