[darcs-users] annotate fails when invoked without argument

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Tue May 25 03:29:45 UTC 2004

Jan Braun wrote:
> And, considering the recent naming discussion: what about renaming
> annotate to "blame"?
> This is what Subversion did, and I agree with their reasoning that
> "annotate" is confusing for new users because it is understood as
> "let me add a comment" rather than "show me the genesis of this file".
> I don't feel strongly about this, just wanted to mention it while I'm at it.

I just read most of the very long thread where the SVN developers were 
making that decision. Fun stuff. Some people pointed out that "blame" 
has the same problem as annotate: it sounds like you wish to blame 
someone, rather than finding out who was to blame for something. Other 
people pointed out the (obvious) negative emotional connotations with 
the word.

Other suggestions were trace, track, log, whodunit, activity, changes, 
happenings, changelog, tracehist, showblame, who, analyze, etiology, 
linehistory, review, audit, scrutinize, inspect, slice, dig, stratify, 

I also chuckled at the suggestion that if there is a "blame" command, 
there should be an alias named "praise".

Seriously, I dislike "blame", and am indifferent about "annotate". If I 
had to choose something, I might go with analyze or audit. But it's not 
a command I have ever actually used, so don't listen to me.


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