[darcs-users] Small feature request.

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Tue May 25 12:03:51 UTC 2004

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 08:43:17AM -0700, David Brown wrote:
> Just a small request...
> I currently have a project that actually consists of 3 separate
> repositories.  There are two subdirectories from the top, each contains
> a repository for a working set of code.  The top directory contains a
> large test framework that combines these bodies of code and performs
> extensive testing.  The reason they are separate is that most users of
> the code run it in an embedded environment, built with a different
> application than the test framework.
> I currently just use boringfiles to prevent darcs from descending into
> these subprojects.  My suggestion is either.
>   - Extend boring somehow so that a directory that has a _darcs
>     subdirectory could be ignored.
>   - Put special code in slurp that would ignore darcs repos within darcs
>     repos.

Of the two of these, I'd tend to prefer the first (see below), since it's
user configurable.  User-interface-wise, it's definitely a good plan.  The
only trouble is that internally, the filter has no way of knowing whether
subdirectories contain a _darcs directory--the filter in fact doesn't even
know what the relevant directory is.

> Is there even a reason one would want two different darcs repos seeing
> the same file at different directory levels?  Seems like no end of
> confusion for me :-)

It doesn't sound like a very good idea, but if the subdirectory project is
managed by someone else, I could see that you might need/want to add files
to it which are "owned" by the parent project (e.g. build files).
David Roundy

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