[darcs-users] Re: need to jump in with both feet

Samuel A. Falvo II sam.falvo at falvotech.com
Tue May 25 14:34:48 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 25 May 2004 06:11 am, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> One way to solve both the communications distribution problems and the
> push notification mechanism is to develop a distributed mailing list
> mechanism.  there could be multiple mailing lists carrying both human
> and machine to machine traffic.

This is essentially what I recommended when I suggested the message queue 
architecture.  I *liked* the overall intent of using NNTP.  What I 
didn't like was the overhead it entailed.

I have stated that BEEP is a protocol that I see no particular need for.  
I've since changed my position on that; BEEP is a nice solution for the 
specific problem it solves.  BEEP would be a nice fit for a general 
purpose message queue and even an RPC mechanism.  I still have 
reservations with respect to BEEP (it's basically ATM networking in 
ASCII), but researching BEEP more in-depth has lead me to believe that 
the Internet architecture as a *whole* is what's wrong, not BEEP in 
particular.  BEEP merely helped expose the problem.

Samuel A. Falvo II

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