[darcs-users] Re: Basic implementation of tla2darcs

Sacha Chua sacha at free.net.ph
Wed May 26 09:00:28 UTC 2004

Gabriel Ebner <ge at gabrielebner.at> writes:

> Great! But is it possible to import history from arch even after
> switching to darcs (i.e. by rm -rf {arch} `find -name .arch-ids`;
> darcs inittree; darcs add -r .; darcs rec)?

I don't think so, as that means the arch history is gone. What you can
do, however, is check out the project from the repository again,
import all the tla patches, and then darcs get your other patches.

I've added tla_import.pl, which pulls the base-0 revision and checks
in the inventoried files and directories.

tla_convert_patch.pl now accepts a version or a list of revisions.

I'm still having problems with silently failing conflicts, but the
script's helped me pull in all of my development stuff already. I'll
probably have to merge patches into my stable branches manually,

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