[darcs-users] Re: Basic implementation of tla2darcs

Gabriel Ebner ge at gabrielebner.at
Wed May 26 21:10:26 UTC 2004


Gabriel Ebner wrote:
> Thanks.  Since i now have a converted repo thanks to your converter, I'll
> look into this.

I post here what I've figured out in case someone else needs it.
(I know the following is _really_ ugly and insane.  If anybody bothers to
find a better way to accomplish this, I'm basically just trying to get the
tree [base-0 patch-1 patch-2 foo bar baz] out of [base-0 patch-1 patch-2]
and [import foo bar baz] where the result of [base-0 patch-1 patch-2] and
[import] is the same.)

Insane guide to retroactively substitute a single import with a converted
arch tree

0)  The darcs tree to which you already recorded patches is in darcs-tree/

1)  Convert your arch tree to arch-tree/

2)  darcs get darcs-tree/
    You need a fresh tree, otherwise darcs send won't work.

3)  cd darcs-tree/; darcs send -a -o tmp.bundle <path to arch-tree/>

4)  Strip the 'Initial import' patch (the first one) from the beginning of

5)  Append the contents of arch-tree/_darcs/inventory to tmp.bundle

6)  cd arch-tree/; darcs apply <path to tmp.bundle>

7)  Now you have a merged tree in arch-tree


P.S.:  I found the attached patch very useful in case of typos in the
version name supplied to tla_import.pl.  The patch just dies in case chdir

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