[darcs-users] Basic implementation of tla2darcs

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Thu May 27 10:43:13 UTC 2004

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 01:36:04AM +0800, Sacha Chua wrote:
> I've written a simple patch converter and I've used it to migrate my
> main arch-managed project over to darcs. So far, so good. This
> requires a version of darcs that understands noninteractive log files.

Looks like a good start.  I'm attaching a patch that suggests how you can
preserve the date and author information for each patch.  It doesn't
actually work, since I didn't figure out how to parse the arch info to find
the date and author, but you can see how it would be done.
David Roundy
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New patches:

[non-working template for maintaining the date of patches.
David Roundy <droundy at abridgegame.org>**20040527103922] {
hunk ./tla_convert_patch.pl 106
-    open(DARCS_LOG, "> .darcs.tmp.log");
-    print DARCS_LOG $text;
-    close(DARCS_LOG);
-    system('darcs', 'record', '--patch-name', $summary, '--logfile', '.darcs.tmp.log', '-a');
+    open(DARCS,"| darcs record -va --pipe");
+    print DARCS "Add date here\n";
+    print DARCS "Add author here\n";
+    print DARCS "$summary\n";
+    print DARCS "$text\n";
+    close(DARCS);


[Import the base revision
sacha at free.net.ph**20040526083613] 
[Allow conversion of all missing patches based on a version, allow multiple patch-levels
sacha at free.net.ph**20040526083503] 
[Working add/remove handling
sacha at free.net.ph**20040525171232] 
[Remove stray ) from arch-ids
sacha at free.net.ph**20040525165033] 
[Ignore arch-ids
sacha at free.net.ph**20040525164554] 
[Initial commit
sacha at free.net.ph**20040525164243] 

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