[darcs-users] darcs won't build for OS X 10.3.3

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Thu May 27 14:25:02 UTC 2004

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 08:36:44AM -0400, Keith Dawson wrote:
> Thanks for the quick responses. Installed Fink & then readline.
> Couldn't see where in the build process to declare the directory
> it ended up in, /sw/include, so I added a softlink to it in
> .../ghc-6.2.1/include. This kluge sufficed to get everything
> compiled. Failed in the link phase because apparently the makefile
> was set up to build for i386... ?
>   Linking darcs ...
>   ld: for architecture i386
>   ld: warning /usr/lib/crt1.o cputype (18, architecture ppc) does not match cputype (7) for specified -arch flag: i386 (file not loaded)
>   ... [ and many more like this]
> config.log shows clearly that this machine was recognized as a
> PowerPC. Yet make -n shows that in the linking phase, each link
> has the following switches:
>   -optl-arch -optli386 -optl-arch -optlppc
> What's going on here? Thanks for any help.

A stupid bug in the curl-config installation on the mac.  The latest darcs
(which you probably can't get, since you haven't yet succeeded in compiling
darcs) has a workaround for this.  So you can just edit the makefile
directly.  I don't remember where it is, probably autoconf.mk.
David Roundy

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