[darcs-users] Re: Website down!

Gabriel Ebner ge at gabrielebner.at
Mon May 31 23:52:23 UTC 2004


Samuel A. Falvo II wrote:
> Hopefully, the mail services aren't affected.  The subject pretty much
> says it all though.  I tried to darcs pull to get the latest darcs
> repository, and I got an error message.  Then I verified via a web
> browser, and sure enough, the connection was refused.

Looks as if it is already restored:

gebner at schnecke2 gebner $ nmap abridgegame.org

Starting nmap 3.50 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2004-06-01 01:49
Interesting ports on www.abridgegame.org (
(The 1645 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
22/tcp  open     ssh
25/tcp  open     smtp
80/tcp  open     http         <- Just verified it, it works.
111/tcp filtered rpcbind
135/tcp filtered msrpc
201/tcp filtered at-rtmp
202/tcp filtered at-nbp
203/tcp filtered at-3
204/tcp filtered at-echo
205/tcp filtered at-5
206/tcp filtered at-zis
207/tcp filtered at-7
208/tcp filtered at-8
445/tcp filtered microsoft-ds

Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 18.429 seconds


Gabriel Ebner - reverse "ta.renbeleirbag at eg"

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