[darcs-users] short options and long names (VOTE!)

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Sat May 29 10:19:47 UTC 2004

Yes, that long-awaited time has come, when we get to vote on new short
options! Long, long ago, I decided that in order to prevent a proliferation
of short command options (the single-character sort) I would add no new
short commands, and then shortly before darcs 1.0 I would open it up to a
vote.  So please let me know which commands you really wish had a short
option, and which character you would prefer.  Compatibility with CVS or
other tools is a valid reason for choosing a character, but not necesarily
a sufficient reason.

Below is a list of all the options that darcs supports.  Suggestions for
improvement either in the long options or in their description text would
be welcome.  In that interest, I've duplicated options that have separate
descriptions in different commands.

Also, note that each short option will only ever mean ONE long option
(except in the case where two long options mean the same thing, as in -u).
Also note, that you can suggest the removal of a short option.  The
existing short options are only in there because they already existed when
I made the decision to stop adding new short options, not because I think
they are particularly important.

     --apply-as-myself       don't use sudo to apply as another user [DEFAULT]
     --apply-as=USERNAME     apply patch as another user using sudo
     --ask-deps               ask about dependencies
     --boring              don't skip boring files
     --case-ok             don't refuse to add files differing only in case
     --checkpoint            create a checkpoint file
     --complete               check the entire repository
     --complete              get a complete copy of the repository
     --compress              create compressed patches
     --diff-opts=OPTIONS     options to pass to diff
     --dont-compress           don't create compressed patches
     --dont-look-for-adds     Don't add any files or directories automatically
     --dont-sign             do not sign the patch
     --edit-description      edit the patch bundle description
     --external-merge=COMMAND  Use external tool to merge conflicts
     --force                  proceed with replace even if 'new' token already exists
     --human-readable        give human-readable output
     --ignore-times            don't trust the file modification times
     --interactive           Prompt user interactively
     --leave-test-directory   don't remove the test directory
     --logfile=FILE           name patch using logfile
     --look-for-adds          Add any new files or directories in the working dir
     --machine-readable      give machine-readable output
     --match=PATTERN           patch-matching pattern
     --no-deps                 don't automatically fulfill dependencies
     --no-force               don't force the replace if it looks scary
     --no-resolve-conflicts    don't try to resolve conflicts
     --no-summary            don't summarize changes
     --no-test                 don't run the test script
     --no-verify               don't verify patch signature
     --not-recursive       don't add contents of subdirectories
     --partial                check patches since latest checkpoint
     --partial               get partial repository using checkpoint
     --pipe                  Expect to receive input from a pipe
     --quiet                 suppress informational output
     --remove-test-directory   remove the test directory
     --reply=FROM              send email response
     --repo-name=REPONAME    name of output repository
     --repo=URL              specify the repository URL
     --repodir=DIRECTORY   specify the repository directory in which to run
     --resolve-conflicts       try to resolve conflicts
     --sign-as=KEYID         sign the patch with a given keyid
     --sign-ssl=IDFILE       sign the patch using openssl with a given private key
     --standard-verbosity    don't give verbose output
     --standard-verbosity    neither verbose nor quiet output
     --summary               summarize changes
     --test                   run the test script
     --token-chars="[CHARS]"  define token to contain these characters
     --uncompress          uncompress patches
     --verify-ssl=KEYS         verify using openSSL with authorized keys from file 'KEYS'
     --xml-output            generate XML formatted output
  -A EMAIL      --author=EMAIL          specify author id
  -T EMAIL      --to=EMAIL              specify destination email
  -V PUBRING  --verify=PUBRING          verify that the patch was signed by a key in PUBRING
  -a            --all                   answer yes to all patches
  -c EMAIL      --cc=EMAIL              specify email address to cc
  -g            --gui                   use graphical interface
  -h  --help                shows brief description of command and its arguments
  -m PATCHNAME  --patch-name=PATCHNAME  name of patch
  -o FILE       --output=FILE           specify output filename
  -r  --recursive           add contents of subdirectories
  -s            --sign                  sign the patch with your gpg key
  -t TAGNAME    --tag-name=TAGNAME      name of version to pull
  -u                                    pass -u option to diff
  -u            --unified               output patch in format similar to diff -u
  -v            --verbose                 give verbose output
David Roundy

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