[darcs-users] Re: request for clear docs for 'push' and conflicts

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Mon Nov 1 13:20:35 UTC 2004

On 2004-11-01, David Roundy <droundy at abridgegame.org> wrote:
>>  "mark conflicts"
> Well, darcs doesn't doesn't know how to "mark" conflicts that are not
> simple hunk patches, so mark conflicts really only applies to hunk
> conflicts.  For any other conflicts, it just chooses one of the conflicting
> options.

For comparison, does anyone know what CVS does for these other cases? I
assume they would be conflicting file adds and removes? 

If I recall, it's not a conflict in CVS unless one of the files is
modified to be different than the one that was added or removed. So
again it's a "hunk type" conflict that can be marked.


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