[darcs-users] tracking the future of darcs

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Sun Nov 7 21:37:54 UTC 2004

Darcs is on the move.

To keep track of the most important issues to addressed, we need to be
organized. Until just recently, there were three places that were
tracking information about where people would like darcs to go:

1. TODO file in the distribution
2. WishList on the wiki.
3. 'Wishlist' items in the bug tracking system.

I have now migrated all the TODO file items over to the BTS. I 
suggest that people have have Wishlist items on the wiki
re-file them in the BTS and remove them the wiki.

This will give everyone /one place/ to find all the "wishes" for darcs.
This means it more likely that a particular task will be found and
worked on, and will help people see the 'big picture' about the kinds of
features being requested.

You can use this link to file a new 'wish'. Be sure to select
"Wishlist" when you do.


Putting wishes in the BTS also insures that the developers are notified about 
them directly, which may actually lead to some discussion and work. 

Later I hope to completely phase out the "WishList" page on the wiki. 



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