[darcs-users] return code for 'add' and stderr (was: Re: Escaping of hunks and file names)

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Mon Nov 8 10:02:51 UTC 2004

Hi Mark,

> I confirmed these complaints:
> - 'add' appears to send it's errors to STDOUT, not STDERR
> - 'add' appears to return true, even when there's an error:
> $ ../darcs/darcs add missing  && echo 'true';
> Ralph, would you be interested in helping to improve this?  You could
> add or update a test in the 'tests/' directory of the distribution to
> illustrate these two points. The tests are written in shell or Perl

I'll try and find time today.  But I assume that only tests that pass
are welcome, e.g. tests for bugs fixed, and that otherwise writes to
http://abridgegame.org/repos/darcs will have problems if not all tests

Or is the running of tests only advisory and their failure doesn't block
the update?



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