[darcs-users] Copying patches by hand

Michael Conrad silverdirk at conserv.silverdirk.com
Thu Nov 11 00:59:09 UTC 2004

Well, I ran into another situation that is either a missing feature or a 
hard-to-find feature.  Suppose a person has two computers that are behind 
significant 'firewallage' as to be unreachable in either direction.  
Suppose the person has halfway-done changes on one machine and would like 
to continue this line of changes on the other machine.

The logical thing seems to be to record the changes, copy the patch file 
through ftp on a third machine, and then ...what?

What I want to do is say "darcs apply <patchfile>.gz", and have it added 
to the patches directory and the inventory file and merged into the 
working tree.  I've looked through all the options and i can't find any 
way to make this happen.

Other Options, and why they don't quite work:
    Send wants to see the target repo.  Without being able to see the
    target repo, send says "No local changes to send!".
    Apply wants a patch set generated by send.  I tried unzipping the
    patch and making it look like a set generated by send, but I can't
    generate the hash.
    I can't pull or push, because of the firewalls.  I could pull some
    tunneling and piping stunts through different un-firewalled machines
    but this is way too much work.
    I've done a number of darcs-replace and darcs-mv commands, so I need
    the "pending" info.  I can't just copy the repo because I have some
    changes on the target machine.
  Central repo:
    I don't want to commit the changes to my official repo because I'm
    planning to amend-record the final set of changes. (then unpull and 
    pull on the machine where I started the changes)

Also, I think that this is a reasonable enough situation that there should 
be a way to accomplish this in a single command, rather than jumping 
through hoops.

Am I missing somthing?


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