[darcs-users] File/Directory Metadata

Michael Conrad silverdirk at conserv.silverdirk.com
Thu Nov 11 01:38:09 UTC 2004

I've been giving some thought to the whole discussion generated about the 
line endings, and got thinking that maybe what darcs needs next is some 
name=value type metadata associated with each file.

This would solve a number of things:

* for the line endings issue, tags like "lines=logical" or "lines=linux"
  could be added on a per-file basis.

* for permissions, tags like "unixperm=rwxr-xr-x" could solve the issues
  with preserving permissions, and maybe another one like "watchunixperm"
  that would cause darcs to auto-record changes to the permissions.

* for character encoding, tags could be "charset=UTF-8", etc.

In a patch, the flags might look like:

| addfile ./foo
| hunk ./foo 1
| + blah
| + blah
| }
| setmeta ./foo lines=logical watchunixperm=y

The "Map" of meta tags would essentially be versioned like everything
else, except that it wouldn't need a context.  Conflicts would occour
when a meta tag was assigned conflicting values by parallel patches.
Also "Unassigned" would be considered a value, in the sense that if
a flag were set by one patch and unset by another, that counts as a
"conflicting value".

For the user interface, the tags could be added at add-time:
$ darcs add --lines=logical --charset=UTF-8 --unixperm foo

and altered later:
$ darcs setmeta unixperm= foo  //un-sets the "unixperm" meta tag on foo

Ideas? Comments?


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