[darcs-users] Copying patches by hand

Peter Strand peter at zarquon.se
Thu Nov 11 07:29:56 UTC 2004

Michael Conrad wrote:
> Well, I ran into another situation that is either a missing feature or a 
> hard-to-find feature.  Suppose a person has two computers that are behind 
> significant 'firewallage' as to be unreachable in either direction.  
> Suppose the person has halfway-done changes on one machine and would like 
> to continue this line of changes on the other machine.

I think the simplest solution is to have a repository on a third machine 
which you use to move changes back and forth via. Like an unofficial 
central repository. This is what I usually do in your situation.

If you really want to create patches you can "darcs apply", you must 
have access to a repository which has the same patches (or a subset of 
them) that you target repo. So you could maintain mirror repositories on 
each machine, which you use to create patch-bundles against.
But that could be seen as jumping through hoops, I guess..

One way or another, darcs needs to see the (state of the) repo it sends 
och pushes to. One could imagine an option to "darcs send" on the lines 
of "you can't see the target repo, but I guarantee that it has all the 
patches of this repo except these new ones", or something like that, to 
be able to create a usable patch-bundle when "disconnected". Like an 
automated way to do the mirror thing.

Or, if darcs could create bundles which has minimal dependencies, it 
wouldn't necessarily need a target repo, if you accept that applying 
sometimes fail due to a missing patch.


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