[darcs-users] Idea: Free floating patches?

Norbert Nemec Norbert.Nemec.list at gmx.de
Fri Nov 12 08:24:00 UTC 2004

Hi there,

is there a possibility to create "free-floating" patches which could be simply 
transferred to anyone who can then just apply the patch to their repository? 
The idea would be that the specially formatted patch file should contain 
information about all the patches it depends on. When the patch is then 
applied somewhere else and any of the depended-upon patches is missing in the 
target repo, darcs simply complains. Otherwise, it just applies the patch.

The algorithm for creating such a free-floating patch file should of course 
try to commute it up in the tree as far as possible, so the result depends on 
as few patches as possible.

I think such a feature would be very helpful for distributed development: if 
you have developed some feature that you don't want to push to some central 
repository and don't want to set up your own public repository either, you 
can simply create such a free-floating patch file and put it on your website 
or mail it to a friend without having to care what the exact state of their 
repository is. (That is: as long as the patch only depends patches that were 
in the central repository.)


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