[darcs-users] multiple reverts?

Jani Monoses jani at iv.ro
Fri Nov 12 16:17:54 UTC 2004


in arch I find the possibility of having multiple undos saved and redoable later useful.
The equivalent darcs revert can only happen once. I admit it smells like bad habit to make 
such changes then change ones mind but it happens to me at least.Quick hacks which do not 
qualify for commit/record but are valuable enough not to trash and work on later.
Would others find such a feature useful? darcs revert would put them in files named 
unrevert[0-9]* and unrevert would put back the latest or ask.

Unrelated: could the default boring ,,.* become ,.* ? Arch treats everything starting with 
a comma as junk, it only happens to generate files which start with two commas.And I got 
used to making tmp files starting with one , and AFAIK there's no other program which 
makes commastarting filenames.


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