[darcs-users] bugs on windows

Daan Leijen daan at cs.uu.nl
Fri Nov 12 22:42:24 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I am playing with darcs on windows and I like the
model of darcs a lot.
I have also collected some (minor) bugs -- I hope that this
is the right mailing list for that.

Also, I have a question: is there a possibility
to create a large patch (with a long comment) from
a set of small patches?

All the best,

1) Darcs can not handle ".." correctly. Here is an example:

C:\daan\misc\dev\test\trunk>darcs pull -p Create ..\..\central

darcs failed:  bad repo directory: central

C:\daan\misc\dev\test\trunk>darcs pull -p Create 

Fri Nov 12 18:58:15 Romance Standard Time 2004  Daan Leijen <daan at cs.uu.nl>
  * Create module Main
Shall I pull this patch? (1/1) [ynWvxqadjk?]
Finished pulling.

2) Darcs can not create new repositories in a nested directory.
For example:

~/dev$ darcs get --repo-name darcs/morrowF e:/repos/morrowF

Fail: createDirectory: does not exist (No such file or directory)

(while "darcs get --repo-name morrowF .." does work)

3) Not really a bug, but an annoyance. When using "w" in the pull
command, it is unclear whehter the patch is pulled or not in the
end. For example, I pull patch "Changed message" which depends
on patch "Added implem...", and this is discovered correctly by
darcs. However, when I press "w" and accept the "Changed message" patch,
it is not clear that the first patch is pulled in too.

C:\daan\misc\dev\test\trunk>darcs pull -p "Changed message"
Pulling from c:\daan\misc\dev\central\trunk...

Fri Nov 12 19:10:09 Romance Standard Time 2004  Daan Leijen <daan at cs.uu.nl>
  * Added implementation of main
Shall I pull this patch? (1/2) [ynWvxqadjk?]  (pressed "w")
Fri Nov 12 19:12:48 Romance Standard Time 2004  Daan Leijen <daan at cs.uu.nl>
  * Changed message
Shall I pull this patch? (2/2) [ynWvxqadjk?]  (pressed "y")
Finished pulling.

4) Also not a bug, but I get weird output involving "slurps" :-)
(as a Haskell hacker, I can guess where it comes from but I guess
that this is debug output?)

  ~/dev/darcs/morrowF$ darcs rec -v
  About to get the unrecorded changes.
  diffing dir...
  I've gotten unrecorded.
  hunk ./configure 544
  -      diff .result.txt \$arg.out
  +      diff -b .result.txt \$arg.out
  Shall I record this patch? (1/1) [ynWsfqadjk?]
  What is the patch name? test script ignores whitespace differences
  Do you want to add a long comment? [yn]
  About to slurp once.
  About to slurp again.
  I've applied to slurpy.
  Writing the patch file...
  Applying to current...
  Finished recording patch 'test script ignores whitespace differences'

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