[darcs-users] Wildcard/recurse directories bug in Windows version of 1.0.0

Rob & Toni Seiler seiler at elr.com.au
Sat Nov 13 03:12:25 UTC 2004

I am new to Darcs with ver 1.0.0 on a Windows XP/Home system

The following doesn't work as I expected - a bug?
I have a deep tree structure which is a mirror of my web site - ie has lots 
of html files (called *.htm - not *.html) in most sub-directories.

I do in the root drectory -
darcs initialize
and "_darcs" (with it's usual subdirectories and files, is created)

followed by -
darcs add -r *.htm
No errors reported but the "_darcs/patches/pending" file contains _only_ 
the *.htm files from the root directory, and _none_ of those from the 

If I do -
darcs add -r *.*
I do get every *.htm file, and all *.js, *.gif etc  besides, but this is 
not what I really wanted to do, and I suspect it's a bug in handling wildcards

Can anyone confirm? Fix?


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