[darcs-users] Wildcard/recurse directories bug in Windows version of 1.0.0

Dustin Sallings dustin at spy.net
Sat Nov 13 05:57:11 UTC 2004

On Nov 12, 2004, at 19:12, Rob & Toni Seiler wrote:

> followed by -
> darcs add -r *.htm
> No errors reported but the "_darcs/patches/pending" file contains 
> _only_ the *.htm files from the root directory, and _none_ of those 
> from the subdirectories.

	My guess is that this is due to the difference between wildcard 
handling between UNIX and Windows.  In UNIX, applications do not handle 
wildcards.  i.e. ``darcs add -r *.htm'' would not make sense to me (a 
UNIX user) unless you had a bunch of directories named something.htm

	I personally think it's a little silly to put the burden of wildcard 
expansion on the application, but I guess it's not quite as easy to 
``find . -name \*.htm | xargs darcs add'' in Windows.

	One thing you might consider, though, is that it's probably not that 
good of an idea to have a directory that's only partially revision 

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