[darcs-users] Distributed conflicts?

Miguel Bazdresch miguel at thewizardstower.org
Sat Nov 13 13:28:13 UTC 2004

* Daan Leijen <daan at cs.uu.nl> [2004-11-13 13:23]:
> Well, I am interested to hear what people think about this. Right now, I 
> am somewhat amazed
> by the dual nature of "distributed" version management. It seems 
> actually less parallel in practice
> as many projects get a central maintainer of the main repository that 
> actually applies patches and
> resolves conflicts (like Linux and, ahem, darcs itsself ;-).  In this 
> sense, centralized systems like svn
> and cvs are more parallel, as everyone can commit and resolve conflicts 
> locally. In the end, I think that
> Darcs can be a real "winner" when it is able to support the centralized 
> cvs model really well, while using
> the distributed patch technology  !

I read somewhere (and I agree) that cvs-based version control is
repository-centered while darcs-style control is maintainer-centered.
You seem to have reached the same conclusion :)

Miguel Bazdresch

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