[darcs-users] Re: File/Directory Metadata

Michael Conrad conradme at email.uc.edu
Sun Nov 14 05:22:26 UTC 2004

Just a few minutes ago, I wrote:
> *** Minor instant brainstorm
> What if darcs had the ability to run a script on applying a patch (as
> suggested previously) and the meta tags were defined as environment
> variables while running the script for a given file!
> And, this would mean that darcs wouldn't need to have any of these
> decided on or built-in!!

And in fact, I could even grant my repo-within-a-repo wish (where pulling a
repo with a stub for a sub-repo allows me to CD to that directory and 'darcs
pull' from the default location):

  if [ -n "$is_subrepo" ]; then
    cd $CURRENT_FILE && darcs init && cat "$default_repo_url" >

(CURRENT_FILE in this case would actually be a directory)
(in case I hadn't mentioned it earlier, I would also like to have metadata
on directories, which isn't really much extra code)


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