[darcs-users] moving patches

Ketil Malde ketil at ii.uib.no
Sun Nov 14 08:38:13 UTC 2004

Mark Stosberg <mark at summersault.com> writes:

> I have about a dozen patches now that I've submitted to darcs that don't
> look they will be accepted, or at least not soon. Several I have skip
> through when using 'darcs send', and one causes a test file (because the
> feature I requested isn't implemented yet. :).

Why not put them in one or more local branches?  Disk is cheap; I tend
to have at least a handful repos in flight at any time, and I
generally start a new repo every time I want to experiment a bit.

So, yes, either push and unrecord, or, perhaps better, start a new
working dir, and pull the patches that you want to keep in the

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