[darcs-users] Re: List commands

Michael Conrad conradme at email.uc.edu
Sun Nov 14 19:40:15 UTC 2004

On November 14, 2004, November 14, 2004 wrote:

> I'd love to see various forms of listing commands for:
>   - tags
>   - files which are neither boring nor version controlled (although
>     "darcs whatsnew -s -l" comes quite close)
>   - files that are version controlled (including those that are
>     scheduled to be added)

What if darcs had a query command?

# synonym for whatsnew
darcs query new

# query which files are in current for the current directory
darcs query current .

# query all files in current which still exist, and all files which
# have been added
darcs query active
darcs query alive

# which files might need to be added?
darcs query uncontrolled

# which files have been ignored
darcs query boring

# ask whether foo.c is "active" by the above definition
darcs query active foo.c

# what tags are available?
darcs query tags

# what tags have been applied to files in the current directory?
darcs query tags .

# print all the metadata for the specified file  ;-)
darcs query metadata blah.sh

This would be invaluable for scripting (especially if we add the metadata
idea) and would be a very logical place to add any new information that
people want to see.  It also prevents the basic list of darcs commands from

And, most importantly, it wouldn't affect the way darcs operates, and all
the changes that people request would be localized to one source file.


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