[darcs-users] Re: File/Directory Metadata

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Sun Nov 14 23:44:27 UTC 2004

On 2004-11-14, Michael Conrad <conradme at email.uc.edu> wrote:
> And, hopefully, everyone can smell the stench of this kluge from miles away,
> making my case for why this should be at least partially built-in to darcs :-)

Your solution may make more sense than you think, at least in the short
term. It would allow people to get a feel for this experimental feature,
and after there is more real-world testing and feedback on it, there
would be a greater case for (safely) including it in darcs, assuming
things go well in the experimentation phase. 

One of the big issues is that breaking backward compatibility is no fun
for software maintainers, so if these features were implemented, it
would be really unfortunate if they turned out to be problematic a
little later.  

By having a way to test this 'experimental' feature, the long term risk
and hassle is reduced.

BTW, your e-mail addreess implies you may be in Cincinnati. I'm just up
the road in Richmond, Indiana.


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