[darcs-users] Unexpected wait return code

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.jussieu.fr
Fri Nov 19 13:56:35 UTC 2004

> >> PS I use a dual CPU machine and I'm curious if Darcs can take
> >> advantage of this setup?

> I have a Linux SMP box, and I recently monitored the CPU usage while
> doing some Darcs stress testing. From the output I can tell you that
> Darcs definitely only ever uses one processor

While I haven't done any serious profiling of cache behaviour with
darcs, I don't think that CPU is what is limiting; the code looks to
me like it's more memory bandwidth hungry.  Hence, I don't think that
a naive parallelisation of darcs will buy you much on a traditional
SMP machine.

(Note by the way that MP Opterons are not strictly SMP, they're more
like NUMA, and darcs might or might not be worth parallelising on such


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