[darcs-users] Copying patches by hand

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.jussieu.fr
Fri Nov 19 14:05:47 UTC 2004

> Am I missing som[e]thing?


I've got a similar issue (maintaining course-related code that should
never leave my laptop or that of one of my colleagues -- our students
become very good at cracking when project deadlines approach), and we
use a USB key to resynchronise.  If you've got any more convenient
suggestions, I'd be interested in hearing them, as it's an everyday
issue for me.

>     Send wants to see the target repo.  Without being able to see the
>     target repo, send says "No local changes to send!".

I sometimes use |send --context|.  I agree that having a way to say
``send just these patches, I know what I'm doing'' would be convenient.

>   Apply:
>     Apply wants a patch set generated by send.  I tried unzipping the
>     patch and making it look like a set generated by send, but I can't
>     generate the hash.

|apply --ignore-hash| (which would also be able to take a raw patch
file), while a potentially useful addition, feels like too much rope
to hang oneself.

>   Tar:
>     I've done a number of darcs-replace and darcs-mv commands, so I need
>     the "pending" info.  I can't just copy the repo because I have some
>     changes on the target machine.

Could you please clarify ?  Why can't you have multiple repositories
on the target machine ?


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