[darcs-users] Colin Walters blogs on Arch changesets vs Darcs

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.jussieu.fr
Sun Nov 21 19:15:32 UTC 2004

> If the person is making a change to the sources from the tarball,
> instead of bothering to get the real darcs repo, wouldn't he just mail
> the diffs to a maintainer?


> What am I missing?

I've been encouraging my contributors to send me darcs patches
whenever possible.  It makes me happy, because it's easier to
integrate their changes.  It makes them happy, because they've got the
right patch identity -- they later pull from my repo and darcs does
the right thing.  (There's also a psychological benefit: the patch
gets automatically attributed to them by |darcs changes|, which is
important for Free Software projects that rely on the contributors'
good will to go forward.)


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